Runaway to the Stars: Page 35

Probably nothing to worry about.

Transcript Talita lies asleep in her bed, directly across from the 8 boxes of recharging phones. Unbeknownst to her, a single phone screen lights up, casting a glow over the foot of the bed.

Runaway to the Stars: Page 35

Probably nothing to worry about.

Transcript Talita lies asleep in her bed, directly across from the 8 boxes of recharging phones. Unbeknownst to her, a single phone screen lights up, casting a glow over the foot of the bed.

51 thoughts on “Runaway to the Stars: Page 35

  1. FIFA’s continued existence confirms this setting is actually dystopian

  2. comfy tall liter :]

  3. No spoilers guys! Some people haven’t read all the old comics on Jay’s site.

  4. Why does the phone on top light up first? surely the ones closer to the charger would charge fastest


  6. “You’ve got 1.3k unread messages.”

  7. *small dramatic sting*

  8. Things always wait for characters to fall asleep before they begin to glow. This is how that monolith in 2001 started…*

    (It is glowing blue to upset Talita’s circadian rhythms**, muahahaha!)

    * in the novel, at least
    ** which may or may not apply to centaurs.

  9. Must be a very powerful wireless charger

  10. So cute <3

    Oh that can't be good

  11. I love her squished up cheek!

  12. everyone hollering about the bip activation while i’m over here pointing at the foot sticking out from under the covers like “she just like me fr”

  13. Honk shoo honk shoo

    1. No. It’s a sentient AI and mostly successful smuggler.

      1. no it’s honk shoo honk shoo

        1. Sorry, I reply odd to the wrong person

  14. Criminals AI’s in your area. Click to get involved in their shady buisnass.

  15. BIP! BIP! BIP! BIP!


  16. =:> they are coming..

  17. For some reason Bitdefender sends me a “suspicious connexion detected” notification when I visit this website- anyway this time the pop-up came up as I saw the phone lighting up and I thought that was fun timing

    1. more like bip defender

  18. Hope there aren’t any unsecured wi-fi networks in range

  19. Oof, that focus shift. The second panel is *beautiful*. Love the blurriness, the texture and the way light spreads.

    1. THISSS!!! its so well done, really good to add to the dramaticness of the page

  20. Love the juxtaposition of the soccer/football poster next to the mechanical diagrams(?). She really is a buff nerd.

    1. Electronic schematic and vacuum tube! Pentode, i think

  21. Something’s 🎵aliiiive🎵 in the boxes!

    1. What is it, like a plant, or an animal?

      1. No, it’s a sentient AI that uploaded its consciousness to an excessive amount of phones

  22. i want to see my little bip [here they come]


  24. hi bip hi bip hi bip

  25. I too like to sleep with one arm curled under my head. I hope her nerves are arranged in a way that means she won’t wake up with a horribly numb arm like I do most of the time that I do that.

  26. An excellent use of focus on this comic, Im really loving the truly fantastic amount of detail to look at in basically every page All the signs and icons in the hallways and hangar added so much 😀
    Do you have any tips on how to get that foreground/background focus on the page without loosing too much detail?

  27. The Peet sticking out of the covers best detail

  28. In addition to Talita looking cute in her sleep and the very good sense of ominous happenings, I also appreciate the detail of the box handle making that little trapezoid of light on the floor.

  29. YEAHHH TALITA’S A FOOTIE FAN I KNEW SHE WAS BASED!! i wonder what the state of FIFA is in this alternate future, what with the WW3 and countries collapsing?

    1. tminusfiveminutes

      Sanctioned football would be interesting under Mars gravity.
      They’d have to either ban genetically modified humans or allow them, which I would imagine would have similar arguments to the ‘should trans people be allowed to play sports’ debate. I’d imagine that a tailed spacer or a gmh designed purely for football could grab the ball with a foot, which I’m pretty sure would be legal under the current ruleset.

      1. Probably if you’re different enough from baseline you get put in some specific category that has its own leagues. I can’t imagine it being all that safe for, say, members of the Magpie Bridge GMH clade to play soccer against beings with a denser build, and cetaecers probably simply can’t play basketball with a normal-height goal since they’re horizontal, so GMHs probably get their own sports leagues once they’re populous enough for there to be a demand for this kind of thing.

      2. They talk about this on Tom Scott’s old show Citation Needed season one episode eight from timecode 6:33 to around 9:00. Sorry for just saying that but i’ve seen that show enough to just have it memorized and i have to use that knowledge for *something*

    2. FIFA is probably a goddamn sovereign nation by now

  30. BRASIL MENTIONED !!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 also hi bip 🙂

  31. The mood of this scene is conveyed really well. I really love the intimacy of watching Talita fall asleep, this is doing a lot of heavy lifting with making her endearing, bringing her closer to the reader. That sense of, not exactly dread, but like, the prelude to *SOMETHING* with that one phone turning on in the dead of night. Like a bump in the dark during the witching hour. Very good composition and direction.

  32. Both amused and horrified at the FIFA 2314 poster on her wall.

    1. I am amused and horrified at the fact that the Big Nerd (emphasis on big) is a soccer fan. Hmmm, I wonder what human sports Centaurs would be able to play, assuming an all-centaur team to get around shoehorning them into a specific role like “well, if they played hockey they’d be the goalies, it pays to be huge and have extra feet to block the puck with”. A lot of human sports seem to be pretty reliant on being able to do distance running effectively.

      1. A Centaur might be great at football but keel over from exhaustion halfway through the game

        1. Sparky Lurkdragon

          There’s a comic of her as a child where she was indeed so good at kickball she got banned from it for accidentally breaking another foster kid’s arm.

  33. Sleeping Talia is so cute, one little foot sticking out!

  34. Quantum Phone Popup, probably

    Congratulations you win! Congratulations you win! Congratulations you win! Congratulations you win! Congr-

  35. ah shit, the phones are all bip who’s stowed away and is going to cause some problems aren’t they

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