About the Comic

Talita, Gillie and Idrisah run across a backdrop of Dirtball with a rocket blasting off of its surface. Bip appears on Talita's tablet sticking out of her back pocket.

Runaway to the Stars is a hard science fiction story focused on communication, accommodation, and everyday life in co-species spaces. The main storyline follows Talita, a centaur aerospace engineer and cross-species foster kid. More information about the universe can be found on my website. Runaway to the Stars updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It is recommended for readers 16+, as it contains swearing and references to sexual culture.

The first book of RttS is contracted to be printed and published by Iron Circus Comics when completed. Currently, as it is being completed, the comic is supported by Patreon subscriptions. I don’t run sponsored ads because I hate them, so if you like the comic and want to read ahead further into the story, consider subscribing!

About the Author

Jay Eaton is an artist with a compulsive need to figure out how everything works and why. While their background is in horticulture and evolutionary biology; Jay is fascinated also by linguistics, speculative technology, and all the jobs behind the scenes of civilization that keep the lights on and the water running. Their worldbuilding projects focus on creating interesting characters who live ordinary lives within extraordinary settings.


While Runaway to the Stars is a one-person project on paper, it took a village to raise this child. I’d like to extend special thanks to:

  • My patrons and store customers, who are keeping me fed and housed while I work on this multi-year project.
  • Iron Circus Comics for signing my first book and giving me a metaphorical kick in the ass to start working on Runaway to the Stars in earnest.
  • My ICC editor Kel McDonald for checking my work, making sure my pages are comprehensible, and generally being one of the sharpest and most dedicated people working in indie comics today.
  • My sensitivity editors Scoliwings and Martie Abdurrasheed for lending their experience and helping me write about Deaf and queer Muslim characters better than I could on my own.
  • The Overthink Tank, a server of friends and pals who have encouraged and supported me in innumerable ways throughout the development of this project.
  • Doug Kehrly for making a stellar 3D model of the Runaway spacecraft, and Jack Friedman for assistance designing the ship.
  • The ToughSF blog and Discord server for invaluable help designing the technology and astronomy of Runaway to the Stars.
  • Christopher Maida for turning my scribbles into beautiful detailed maps of alien planets.
  • Nero Villagallos O’Reilly for help slapping this WordPress site into shape.