Talita Dospaço

Portrait of Talita. She is a large alien with a flat, owlish face, large yellow eyes, tapir like trunk, tiger stripes, and symmetrical four fingered hands that end in hooves. She is wearing an orange sweater vest, white collar shirt, and looking bashful.
  • Species: Centaur
  • Ethnicity: Sunchaser nomad (estimated)
  • Nationality: Jovian
  • English Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • Gender Identity: woman
  • Age: 32 Earth years
  • Birthday: July 1st (estimated)
  • Education: Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Jovian University

Talita is a socially anxious aerospace engineer and cross-species foster kid. She was left as an infant on the Nexus Jovia youth foster care facility doorstep in a cat carrier, and no one is certain of her origin. She has spent the vast majority of her life around humans and isn’t very familiar with her own species or their myriad of cultures. Talita hates talking about herself or being the center of attention, but will light up if asked about aerospace topics. Her hobbies include ripping apart old electronics and building new things, collecting and designing wind spinners, and bodybuilding.

Idrisah Touati-Sharpe

  • Species: Human
  • Clade: Typ Human (Non-modified human)
  • Nationality: Jovian
  • English Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • Gender Identity: woman
  • Age: 34 Earth years
  • Birthday: April 25th
  • Education: Masters in Avian Xenolingiustics, Minor in Tiiliitian Studies from Jovian University
Portrait of Idrisah. She is a long-faced woman with medium brown skin, brown eyes, and arching black eyebrows. She is wearing a black and green color block sweater and a pink satin hijab. She has a bemused smile.

Idrisah is a Muslim xenolingiust who translates for avian alien languages, primarily Tiiliitian. She has a high-strung personality and is prone to spiraling into her own worries. In contrast is her fierce sense of justice, and thus those who wrong her friends find themselves subject to her intense wrath. Idrisah also has a soft spot a mile wide for cute animals (and people) and tends to get very sentimental over otherwise insignificant things. Her hobbies include cooking, stationary, organizing things in cute little boxes, and learning history (human and avian). She is married to Gillie Touati-Sharp.

Gillie Touati-Sharpe

Portrait of Gillie. She is a chubby, freckled white woman with dyed orange hair and white roots, blue eyes, and ears someone inbetween a cat's and human's. She wears a teal and white raglan shirt and looks at the viewer with a smug, sharp toothed grin.
  • Species: Human
  • Clade: Catgirl GMH (off-model)
  • Nationality: Jovian
  • English Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • Gender Identity: woman
  • Age: 31 Earth years
  • Birthday: January 3rd
  • Education: BA in Xenoliguistics, North American Republic College for the Deaf

Gillie is a xenolinguist specializing in bug ferret languages, primarily BFL-2. She is a hedonist at heart and loves to get involved in mischief, though she’s prone to bailing when things go awry. She is constantly torn between loving attention and wanting to be seen as aloof and independent. Her hobbies include video games, doodling, and captioning bug ferret television media. Gillie is a genetically modified human with a congenital disorder that causes deafness and makes surgery for standard auditory implants risky. ASL is her first language and she uses it to speak to her friends and family. She is married to Idrisah Touati-Sharp.


  • Species: Sapient A.I.
  • Genology: split from Nabi-Nabu, split from Viagem, etc., split from Nedebug.
  • English pronouns: any default neutral pronouns (they/them/theirs in Jovian English, xey/xem/xiers in Martian English)
  • Gender Identity: Nope
  • Location: Shipboard
  • Occupation: Pilot
  • Age: approximately 80 Earth years since splitting from Nabi-Nabu
Bip's avatar's face. It resembles an iconified white bug ferret head with humanoid or centaur-like eyes.

Bip is the pilot A.I. of the Runaway spacecraft, a 200 meter long vessel with twin z-point fusion engines and a spacious four-story habitat module. Bip has remote control bots or RV units, but they use these like limbs– their main “body” or locus of self is the Runaway spacecraft, and their “brain” is a server rig on the top floor of the habitat. They have a preferred screen avatar for talking to squishy sophonts, which is a 2D puppet animation resembling a bug ferret with humanoid/centauroid eyes.