Runaway to the Stars: Page 21

Idrisah is using a keyboard-mic to speak the bitonal vowels of Tiiliitian. It listens to the user's voice and when a key is pressed, it plays their current vowel with a tone alteration, creating a chord. This setup tends to be more popular than vocal implants for humans interpreting avian languages, even though the latter allows faster speech, as the implant has a steep learning curve and the surgery is fairly invasive. Human cybernetic implants are not as refined as bug ferrets'.

Transcript Talita: Idrisah?
She peers into Ixion Recycling Plant's Admin Wing. Inside is a large open office space with humans and avians working at cubicles. Idrisah stands in the center aisle of the room, speaking to two avian workers in their language, Tiiliitian, with the assistance of a keyboard and microphone pinned to her sweater. She is a tall, friendly-looking woman in her thirties with a long face and nose, medium brown skin, and a turban style hijab. The avians she is speaking to are feathered, bird-like aliens half her height with black bare-skinned faces, hooked beaks, six small beady eyes, and large bat-like ears. They stand on their winged forelimbs and use their computers with the two-fingered hands on their hindlimbs. One is smaller with a colorful striped head crest and flashy elaborate dress, and the other is larger with drab clothing that covers the crest-less top of their head.
Talita waves frantically from the entrance.
Talita: Idrisah!
Idrisah continues her conversation, oblivious.

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